The story of Shareville
Nonono Backstage video
FilmMotion Graphics
A project I did with Warner Music Sweden that consisted of recording and editing a backstage video for the swedish band NONONO.
Jack Moy & Glöden - They Told Me So
This is an animated film I did during my internship in Belleville Film. It is the intro of a new program called "På tal om sex" that will give teachers the tools they need to teach and talk about sex with different optics and approaches.
Västerås Slott
During my internship at the Swedish film studio "Bellevillefilm" I helped out in this short film for "Statens Fastighetsverk" about a historical moment that took place at Västerås Slott. I was in charge of the color correction and postproduction of the scenes recorded and also helped out in the recording of some of those.
Sandgrains documentary
FilmGraphic DesignMotion Graphics
During the summer and autum of 2012 I was involved in editing and designing the motion graphics for “Sandgrains”, crowfounded documentary produced by Matchboxmedia collective.
Video Teaser for Hyper Island Creative Task 2013
CinematographyFilmMotion Graphics
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